Art Cakes Prague - a creative union of Victoria and Mkhitar Mkhitaryan, the couple engaged in a unique form of Art- creating luxury artistic cakes and desserts for special events.

Painter by profession, graphic artist, sculptor and teacher with higher academic education, Mkhitar Mkhitaryan has under his belt a large number of solo and joint exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He works in the genres of easel and monumental painting: portrait, figurative compositions, landscapes, abstraction.

His beloved wife, the mother of his three sons, his inspiration Victoria Mkhitaryan - professional confectioner, designer, decorator, creates luxury cakes and has extensive experience in arranging large-scale and chamber high-level events. She has learnt from the world-famous masters of the confectionery art.

During her work in the field she often sought her husband's advice on the artistic part, professional assessment of her works, while receiving his guidance and assistance on the technical part, Victoria step-by-step sparked the husband's keen interest in this extraordinary art form.

As the sole mates with common desire for Beauty, Harmony and Grace in all that surrounds them, this creative alliance aims to bring its activities to the level of high art, thus finding joy and emotional satisfaction from both the process and the outcome.This joy is perceivable from their works and spreads on everyone who hastasted their creativity.